Tidbits from Pritam's first 10th Dec COP hearing

Here are some interesting things that were surfaced during Pritam’s hearing that wasn't picked up by the mainstream media.


  1. Right at the start, Pritam’s rejection of the idea that an incorrect accusation of the police will cause adverse impact to it is ludicrous.
    Quite honestly, that rejection of the idea is quite simply, ridiculous. Obviously the lie is bad and hurts the reputation of the police.
    Having said that, if Pritam admits it is bad, then the line of questioning would be, why did you not do anything.
    In the end, Pritam dodged this and we didn’t get anything definitive about why the leadership did not step out earlier to defend the police’s reputation. It set an adversarial tone that was carried on through the hearing.
  2. Edwin’s Tong repeat of “I have no agenda, please don’t read into my questions”, “I’m only here to fact find”, etc is now becoming very sus.
    I believe you the first time you say that.
    But when you repeat this statement for the twentieth time in 5 hearings, I’m beginning to suspect you do have an agenda.
  3. Pritam brought up the Hendrickson affair.
    Hendrickson affair
    Very interesting story actually, here is the link.
  4. There were some slight digs at Leong Mun Wai.
    Not gentlemanly, but everyone had some chuckles.
    If you are wondering why they are laughing, it's because Leong Mun Wai raised a point of order at an incredulous moment. The video is here.
    He did this right before Shanmugam stood up to grill Raeesah, which was followed by her lying a second time on the 4th October. Leong Mun Wai's action must be jarring to everyone who are waiting with abated breath to see Min Shan go up against Raeesah Khan.
    It was an innocent mistake for sure. But coupled with other gaffes, Leong Mun Wai has certainly not gained the respect of fellow members. You could hear LHL muttering incredulously under his breath along the lines of "did he call a point of order?" to Teo Chee Hean.
    They chuckled again at his gaffe when the incident was recounted during the hearing. There's finally a moment of camaraderie as they bantered over the incident for a few seconds like old friends.
    I hope the NCMP member has not become equivalent of a modern day court jester for the MPs.
  5. There’s a great exchange where Pritam called Edwin out for trying to entrap him.
    Pritam told Edwin, "You are a good lawyer, but I’m a good listener." To which Edwin muttered, "I don't know about the latter." lol
  6. From private messages revealed, it would appear He Ting Ru did not hold Raeesah in high regard.
    In fact, it might even appear that she’s the first to officially hold the opinion Raeesah should resign.
    Good on her for smelling and calling out bullshit before the rest! There’s a good reason why she’s the leader for the Sengkang team.
    Jamus seems to be only friend to Raeesah in the Sengkang team, Louis seem to be neither close nor adversarial to her.
  7. A very surprising thing too is that Raeesah had revealed the sexual assault to Pei Ying and Nathan BEFORE her parents and the leadership.
    Obviously, sexual assault is traumatic and survivors deals with it differently and it’s her right to choose who she wants to share with.
    But, you could see how Pei Ying and Nathan will firmly be on her side once they found out, given that they now enter a small inner circle and see her as someone that needs to be protected.
    A more cynical take would be that Raeesah had been manipulative and was working Pei Ying and Nathan against the WP leaders once the lie was exposed.
    This would be coherent with why she used terms like “take it to the grave”, to build a narrative to the volunteers that she was following WP's orders, but is backstabbed by the leadership, and how she’s now a victim who needs their help.
  8. I suspect Edwin’s favourite word is “germane”.
    Definition of Germane
    It was repeated so many times in the hearing.
    On the other hand, Pritam’s new favourite word must be “irrelevant”.
    Things that are “irrelevant” to him, are in my opinion, “very relevant”. Now I’m a little bit shaken and do want to ask, what other things, in Pritam’s opinion, are irrelevant?
  9. Edwin pressed Pritam on why he only clarified that they knew Raeesah was lying during the press conference, and not all the months before.
    Pritam maintained he thought it was irrelevant for the public to know so he didn’t talk about it.
    Edwin kept pressing, insinuating Pritam had wanted to hide that truth from the public.
    Pritam masterfully brought up TraceTogether to draw similarities between his actions and that of the gov. You could see it knocked the wind out of Edwin’s sail slightly.
    I’m not sure if Pritam had prepared to bring up TraceTogether before the hearing. But if he did prepare and rehearse this line, kudos to him.


  1. Pritam’s performance was great.
    You could see his training as a lawyer and experience as a seasoned politician by how he weaved and jived with Edwin Tong.
    He minimised a lot of the damage from the hearing and you can’t really edit a clip from the hearing that paints him in too bad of a light.
    BUT Pritam was selected to be the leader of the opposition and the party sec of WP to provide leadership, not just by virtue of his eloquence alone.
    There are many times where he admitted with gusto that he wasn’t clear with his instructions. He proudly owns up to multiple leadership failures in not addressing Raessah’s untruth.
    He can embellish his words, but the facts surfaced in the committee speak poorly of his leadership, his position as party sec and WP as a whole.
  2. Edwin Tong’s performance wasn’t that great.
    I mean so much for “I have an open mind” when all your questioning is to force and box someone in to agree to your point like a lawyer.
    I agree to a certain degree with a lot of the online comments that his performances were good prior to Pritam.
    But those "opponents" were either untrained (Pei Ying and Nathan), ineloquent (Faisal) or a deluded party (Raeesah). That’s like watching a trained fighter going against an untrained opponent. The trained fighter will win, but we will not get a fair assessment of his skills.
    Against Pritam, Edwin struggled and laboured. End of the day, I won’t say anyone “won”. But I think Edwin has lost points in the public with some questioning that in my view are unfair, and that is difficult for Singaporeans watching to square with.
    There were also some questions that in my opinion sounded rehearsed and orchestrated. I mean as a top lawyer, I'm sure he has spent some time in front of the mirror practising how the questions will come across.
    But there were so much legal jargon in those prepared questions that it just didn't make sense at all. Quite honestly, I think it was a missed opportunity that he didn't just yell, "creating the DP, when you already knew of the lie for three months, is OWNSELF check OWNSELF"
    Ownself Check Ownself
    The conclusion I drew from this is that… there can only be one legal mind like Min Shan. Edwin came out of this looking like a pirated Mini Shan.
  3. Obviously, there is much to be gained politically for the PAP to prolong this affair.
    But it would appear that much of the 9 hours in Pritam’s hearing is spent quibbling over Pritam’s position to little effect. And much of the 6 hours for Faisal’s hearing is spent trying to understand the meandering questions asked and the incoherent answers given.
    Not sure if the strategy was to prolong the hearing long enough to wear the WP down and get them to admit to things in PAP’s favor.
    But this war of attrition goes both ways. There are a number of clips going around showing Edwin fumbling and painting Pritam in a good light.
  4. WP came across as rudderless without Pritam.
    It sounded like Faisal and Sylvia did not do anything and just rely on Pritam for leadership.
    Surely one of them should have came out and said something when the lie was not clarified after so long. But it seemed like they were just along for the ride. Faisal, especially, in his hearing came across as inept.
    I don’t know how power became so concentrated around one person. It’s not a good look for the party.
  5. Raeesah’s immaturity, lies and crazy love for drama are all exposed through many of the private messages brought out by the COP.
    From the hearing so far, it appears that Raeesah has muddied the truth by telling the volunteers that the leadership told her to “take the truth to the grave”.
    So far, there’re no evidences this phrase was ever uttered by the leadership, with credible testimonies these words were never used.
    To me, it seems like she has manipulated the volunteers to take her side against the leadership by building a narrative that the leaders knew and hung her out to dry.
    Having said that though, there are many times where Pritam could have clarified with the volunteers separately, that he wanted Raeesah to tell the truth. The issue was left to fester and became ruinous to their relationship.
    I’m curious how Pei Ying and Nathan will react to Pritam’s hearing.
  6. Personal messages from Pei Ying and Nathan to Raeesah paint WP and Pritam in a very very bad light.
    The mainstream media seem to have not reported much on this. But it’s worth hearing part 3 and 4 of the hearing yourself to watch the messages come out.
  7. The spectre of Raeesah's parents loomed over the hearing.
    In Faisal’s hearing, he said he wanted to meet Raeesah with her parents. In Pritam’s hearing, it seems like he’s also quite close to the parents.
    I wonder how close the parents were with the WP leadership, and also are there any other shared interest (financial/political) between all parties that should be declared to the public.
    I hope that nothing had influenced Raeesah’s nomination to become a candidate for Sengkang.
    More can be said and investigated about this matter. Hope there can be some quality journalism to shine some light on this.
  8. Jamus is coming.
    Jamus is coming
    Somehow, Jamus is now suddenly asked to appear before the COP.
    We first found this out from the special report, before Pritam’s testimony was released.
    We still didn’t know what Pritam said yet at that point, and I was worried Pritam said something stupid to drag Jamus into the fray.
    But he didn't, from what I watched in the hearing. I'm surprised then why Jamus is called to appear before the COP.
    You can also see in the report that MP Dennis from WP voted too to call Jamus to the hearing, despite voting "No" to every other item.
    Well, anyone from WP that is involved in this debacle will not come out looking good. This is PAP’s best opportunity to drag Jamus through the mud and dismantle what goodwill he had built in GE20. And this could well be the reason he's called up, given there's nothing else at the moment to support summoning him to the hearing.
    BUT, I think PAP will do well to be careful.
    The fact that WP has so many supporters sticking to it through thick and thin can be attributed to the status of WP as an underdog. If PAP overplays its hand and turns this into a heavy handed assault on WP, public opinion can easily sway against them.
    And also, never underestimate Jamus.
    Jamus Cockles
    He is more eloquent than the common opposition member. Having said that though, a COP hearing is unlike anything he has faced before. I’m interested to see how he, as an academic, perform under this different kind of pressure.
    The last time we had an academic go up against a minister, public opinion didn't turn out very well for either side. The COP should bear that in mind.
  9. I looked up Dissociation online.
    Dissociation symptoms
    I’m not a trained psychiatrist but it does match some of Raeesah’s behaviour.
    I looked up pathological lying too, and realise it also matches. 🤷‍♂️
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